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Civil Trial Litigation
Criminal Trial Litigation
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Eastern North Carolina Civil Trial Litigation Attorneys

Do you need legal representation in a civil lawsuit?

If you are facing a civil trial, need medical malpratice case evaluation and representation, or the potential for civil litigation in Greenville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, or the surrounding eastern North Carolina areas, you will most definitely want a skilled trial attorney at your side. In any legal matter, experience in the area of your issue is one of the most important considerations in your choice of legal representation. That is why we recommend that you contact the attorneys at the Economos Law Firm to arrange for a consultation about your litigation matter.

Our leade counsel has more than 25 years of experience as a litigator in both criminal and civil cases, including extensive experience in medical malpractice and other complex civil litigaiton matters.

Civil Litigation Cases

Our attorneys, including Mr. Economos, have represented a multitude of clients in a wide range of civil cases throughout eastern North Carolina. With his vast experience, personal attention, and strong litigation skills, he makes an excellent choice for anyone seeking representation in any type of civil trial.

Mr. Economos has most recently successfully represented clients in successful malpractice cases, obtained an injunction to stop a bank forceclosure and saved a client's home from foreclosure, North Carolina heirs in state law actions, and joint inventors in a federal patent infringement sui.t.

Whatever the nature of your civil litigation case, by discussing it with our attorney, you can get the experienced legal counsel needed for effective action in any court trial.

Contact the our attorneys for an evaluation of your case today.