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Civil Trial Litigation
Criminal Trial Litigation
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Example Cases

Some of Mr. Economos' recent litigation cases, both trials and appeals:


Wrongful death expertise -- our firm walks the family carefully through all aspects of the case necessary for a successful result, including advancing all necessary expenses and costs to achieve the very best result.

Criminal appeals:

Indecent liberties satellite monitoring - reversed

Felony conviction of possession of stolen gun - reversed

Felony convictions for counterfeit sales - reversed

Civil appeals:

Equitable distribution judgment ordering distribution payment in excess of $70,000 - reversed

Dismissal of claim for damages against doctor for unauthorized release of patient's medical records - reversed

Jury verdict against client for contract breach in excess of $60,000 - reversed

Trial court sanctions against client - reversed

Trial court judgment awarding clients payments paid by the Federal United States Department of Agriculture's Tobacco Transition Program - upheld in client's favor, award in excess of $270,000.00

Criminal trial cases:

Felony trafficking marijuana - dismissed after successful motion to suppress evidence

Felony possession marijuana with intent to sale - dismissed after successful motion to suppress evidence

Possession drug paraphernalis - dismissed after successful motion to suppress evidence

Felony conspiracy to traffick in cocaine - not guilty

Assault on female - not guilty

Driver's License fraud - dismissed

10 counts of misdemeanor violation of domestic violence protective order - dismissed

Interfering with police emergency communication - not guilty

Trafficking in heroin - dismissed

520 federal felony counts including mail fraud, health care fraud, and money laundering - dismissed

Four counts of felony fraud alleging more than $300,000 of damages - dismissed

Successfully reduced federal fraud forfeiture action against defendant doctor in Pitt County from $1,700,000 to $74,000

Trafficking in cocaine - dismissed

Civil trial cases:

Various contested child custody cases - won

Successfully represented various clients in family law equitable distribution cases, involving contested investments valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars

Alienation of affection - won judgment for client in sum of $100,000

Workplace sexual harrassment - won judgment for client in sum of $50,000

Workplace sexual harrassment - won judgment for client in sum of $100,000

Patent infringement suit against Hallmark Cards, representing two Charlotte inventors - won, award to clients in sum of $80,000

Summary of firm's recent special litigation:

Briefing and arguing before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals a Federal Criminal case challenging white collar fraud loss and restitution sentencing calculations exceeding $370,000.00.

Representing a client before the United States Supreme Court in a Petition for Certiorari.

Representing a client in successful civil litigation involving a state alienation of affection and criminal conversation action, which required bringing an action for damages against the lover of his client's wife who had broken up his marriage through acts of infidelity - judgment collected; $100,000

Successfully resolving a underinsured motorist claim where the client was in exclusive possession of the policy holders vehicle with recovered damages exceeding $120,000.

Successfully assisting a client in reuniting with her daughter after she was accused of child molestation in a divorce case where, prior to Larry's involvement, the state court ordered her to remain away from her child for more than two years. Psychological expert witnesses employed with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and trained in child memory formation and forensic abuse allegations, were procured in this case to offer testimony refuting the abuse allegations.