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North Carolina Trial Litigation & Appellate Attorney


Serving Clients in Raleigh-Durham, Greenville and surrounding counties

Do you need legal assistance with a divorce, family law case evaluation, or civil litigation? Are you looking for a seasoned and trusted attorney who has experience in state and federal appellate cases or in general civil or criminal lawsuits? You will find such attorneys at the Economos Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in Cary and Greenville, North Carolina. Our lead attorney Mr. Economos has more than 30 years of experience in successfully representing clients in family law matters, including custody, equitable distribution, spousal support, as well emergency relief; also in appeals before such courts as the North Carolina Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He also has a long and prominent track record as a trial attorney representing clients in both general civil trial litigation , including medical malpractice, and criminal trial litigation.

Our firm has lengthy experience in representing clients in specialized litigation, including medical malpractice and person injury; for all prospective medical malpractice cases we employ a staff medical professional to evaluate all medical malpractice cases; if we decide to accept your case, in some cases you pay no fee or expenses, as our firm will, if appropriate and given the merits of your case, advance all costs and expenses necessary to have your case evaluated, including the costs of retaining a qualified expert medical witness to support your case in court. We take only the most important cases - and promise you the absolute best results.

The firm represents clients in the eastern counties of North Carolina, through the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area running along the corridor to Greenville and other Eastern North Carolina counties, with a second office in Greenville, North Carolina where Mr. Economos' has actively practiced for more than 15 years. If you or someone you know is in need of a family law and/or specialized litigation firm with vast experience, proven results, extensive legal knowledge, skills, and abilities, we advise you to contact our firm to arrange for a consultation about your legal matter as soon as possible. Ours is a small firm that focuses on the big product of attaining justice through the legal system for every case we handle. We do so by giving you the best of our abilities, attention to detail, responsiveness to your needs, and dedication to achieving the positive case results you seek.

About our appeals practice

Mr. Economos, former member of the indigent appellate defender roster, has won numerous contested matters in appellate courts, ranging from Fifth Amendment constitutional issues to civil procedure issues to valuation principals of a military governmental pension. He has most recently won criminal appeals relating to felony gun charges, felony counterfeiting, and criminal sentencing, resulting in reversals and dismissals of multiple criminal convictions. He has achieved consistent success in civil appeals, most recently in a federal case involving a tobacco buyout dispute, appeals of equitable distribution divorce judgments, and a case involving the rights of patients in unauthorized medical records releases, all of which were overturned.

Experience counts!

The staff of Economos Law Firm has a broad base of legal experience with a rich background. Mr. Economos began his legal career working as a trial attorney in one of the largest personal injury and criminal law firms in Baltimore, Maryland, and then served as the Special Legal Advisor to the Commissioner of Labor of North Carolina, then represented clients in private practice in Charlotte and Raleigh as general civil litigation counsel for a commercial building and construction firm, for which he gained broad experience in construction law, arbitration, and business litigation.

In his practice as a civil and criminal trial lawyer, Mr. Economos has most recently won cases involving medical malpratice, legal malpractice, investors, doctors, white collar fraud, family law and divorce matters, underinsured motorist claims, and family abuse matters.

Get Experienced Legal Representation

In any appellate case, it is imperative that you retain the services of an attorney who is well-versed in state and federal appellate law and procedure to ensure the best possible chance of a successful outcome. It is also extremely important in any matter that will go to trial that your trial attorney has the specific skills necessary to effectively represent you in court. All of these matters can be handled with competence and dedication by the appellate and trial attorneys at our firm.

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